Wildlife watch at Awasi Patagonia, Chilean Patagonia


Spotting the kill from afar, this flock of Caracaras arrived at the scene
Spotting the kill from afar, this flock of Caracaras arrived at the scene
Awasi Patagonia is located on a hillside inside a private reserve. Surrounding the reserve is a working estancia, and before we built the lodge the land was in the hands of nature. We built the 12 villas on stilts for minimal environmental impact, and throughout the construction we were very careful to respect the surrounding nature.
However, we still wanted to be sure the hotel had not had a negative impact on the fauna. So, our team of guides set up eight hidden cameras to photograph the surrounding wildlife, which includes several endangered animals. 
The results, we must admit, were surprising even for us. It seems the guanacos, pumas, condors, foxes and many other creatures that surround the hotel are completely unfazed by the presence of our lodge.
Photo 1: We started our study by placing a hidden camera by a guanaco corpse to see what wildlife would pass by. First to arrive was the mighty Andean Condor.
Photo 2: Soon the crowds flooded in. Here we have several male and female Condors. This feast took place just below the hotel - look closely and you can see Awasi Patagonia, the world’s Southernmost Relais & Chateaux hotel, dotted across the hillside in the background.
Photo 3: Some condor feathers were ruffled when a Crested Caracara turned up...
Photo 4: Next arrived a flock of Black Chested Buzzard Eagles. Meanwhile, the Caracara wasn’t going anywhere.
Photo 5: Spotting the kill from afar, this flock of Caracaras arrived at the scene.
Apart from sheer intrigue as to what nature lives around the lodge, one of the aims of this project is to show that by building a luxury hotel in the middle of pristine Patagonia, the surrounding nature and wildlife has not been affected.  As you can see from these images, the wildlife continues to thrive and we are delighted to offer Awasi guests access to the unique ecosystems that make Torres del Paine famous across the world. One of the best things about the location of our lodge is that it’s in a private reserve just 20 minutes from the main entrance to Torres del Paine National Park. This means you have the world-famous park on your doorstep, but with plenty of private and to explore without having to worry about bumping into crowds of tourists.
Watch out for part two of our hidden camera project when we will show you images of a passing puma…



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