From Russia to Africa and back to Chile, the journeys of Awasi Patagonia’s new resident manager


The Main Lodge at Awasi Patagonia
The Main Lodge at Awasi Patagonia
Getting to know the new Awasi Patagonia Resident Manager:
“Born in Moscow, Russia, and raised in Mozambique, Africa, I returned to Chile at the age of 16. Having been travelling since I was 3 months old, it became my passion. So I decided to travel the world by sea, and spent 15 years working in the Cruise Industry. Since then I’ve been travelling the 7 seas, exploring new horizons, learning about new cultures, tasting exotic flavours; and now after 15 years I have decided - along with my fiancé - to throw down the anchor and dock here in Patagonia.
The experience has been amazing. The beauty of our surroundings, from the wildlife to the fauna, is simply infinite. This is where our Nobel Prize Poet Gabriela Mistral was inspired to write beautiful stories and poems; where Charles Darwin discovered new species; and where Florence Dixie was inspired in her journeys.
I could not let this opportunity pass me by and being at Awasi simply completes the circle. I heard that Awasi makes dreams come true, but know I see that every single member of this family creates dreams beyond the realms of imagination and makes them a reality. When we say goodbye to our guests, we know that they will leave with the experience of a lifetime under their belt and their footsteps will remain marked in this land.”



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